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Dear Sophie: How do I get an O-1 visa to freelance on web3 projects? I'm a UX/UI designer in Europe working at a web3 company in the United States. I want to move to the U.S. to pursue work that allows me to have more autonomy. How can I make that happen?

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz sue TikTok competitor Triller for $28M over nonpayment Triller has also been accused of withholding payment from Black creators

Venue raises $4M from Accel and the CEOs of Slack, Remote, and SquareSpace to give team-wide video meetings a new breath of life Zoom has in many ways “won” the mindshare game when it comes to video conferencing: whether you’re actually using Zoom, or another service that’s wrapped into another platform like Google or Microsoft, and whether it’s for work or fun, the standalone Zoom is …

VSC Ventures adds $14 million to its storytelling-meets-checkbook investment pitch It’s a hard time to be building in public. Which means that it’s a hard time to tell your story as an entrepreneur. Which means that for a new venture firm like VSC, which offers public relations support and storytelling advice in exchange for equity in start…

ThreatX raises a fresh round of capital to protect APIs and web apps Cybersecurity vendor ThreatX has raised $30M in a funding round to further develop its software and services that defend against API and web app attacks.

Choose your angel: Learn how they invest and what motivates them How angels invest shapes your cap table, how many investors you need to wrangle signatures from and how many headaches you have to deal with down the road.

Malwarebytes lays off 125 employees citing 'strategic reorg' The layoffs affect about 14% of the company's global workforce.

Cloudera launches its all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse Big data service Cloudera today launched Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, its new data lakehouse as a service offering.

Web3 giant Parity Technologies teams up with Watr over platform to track ethical commodities As the US and Europe bakes in abnormal summer heat, the climate continues to climb up the world’s agenda. With everyone now talking about energy, how commodities are traded is also becoming a talking point. Creating a “nutrition label” so that it would be pos…

TechCrunch launches TheTruthSpy spyware lookup tool This tool lets you check to see if your Android device was compromised.

The Android 13 Privacy Settings You Should Update Now Google’s new mobile operating system has arrived. Take back some control with these privacy and security tips.

This Man Set the Record for Wearing a Brain-Computer Interface Implanted devices let people control computers and prosthetic limbs with their minds. But nobody knows how long they’ll last—and when they’ll need upgrades.

Watch Duty, the Crowdsourced Wildfire App, Tracks All of California’s Blazes Watch Duty is already a lifeline for the state’s residents. Its reach could soon extend to more disasters and regions.

The Future Could Be Blissful—If Humans Don’t Go Extinct First WIRED talked with long-termist philosopher William MacAskill about human extinction, Elon Musk, and his new book, ‘What We Owe the Future.’

Is Oxygen the Answer to Long Covid? Treatment options for lasting Covid symptoms are limited, but initial studies suggest hyperbaric oxygen could help.

New Evidence Points to the Moon Once Being Part of Earth Gases trapped in lunar meteorites hint that the moon was formed out of material displaced from Earth after a planetary collision.

Spyware Scandals Are Ripping Through Europe The latest crisis that rocked the Greek government shows the bloc’s surveillance problem goes beyond the notorious NSO Group.

Silicon Valley Conservatives Are Stepping Out of the Shadows Plus: A simpler time in politics, a tip for WIRED subscribers, and a bad week for the former president.

Join Us for RE:WIRED Green On September 28 we’ll bring together scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and more to spotlight ways that human ingenuity can fight the climate crisis.

7 Best Laptops and Tablets for College Students (2022): Cheap, Gaming, Portable Whatever your higher-ed goals, these campus-ready computers will help you crush them.

Tests aren’t enough: Case study after adding type hints to urllib3 Since Python 3.5 was released in 2015 including PEP 484 and the typing module type hints have grown from a nice-to-have to an expectation for popular packages. To fulfill this expectation our team...

bigscience/T0pp · Hugging Face We’re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

Sequoia PGP is now LGPL 2.0+ Sequoia is a modular OpenPGP implementation in Rust.

Code CAD – Use code to create CAD models A community hub for CodeCAD parts, OpenSCAD, CadQuery, JSCAD and more

Opening up a physics simulator for robotics As part of DeepMind's mission of advancing science, we have acquired the MuJoCo physics simulator and are making it freely available for everyone, to support research everywhere.

My Framework for Building Side Projects as a Solo Developer – Rauno Metsa When you work full-time, it's certain that you'll get paid. When you freelance, it's almost certain that you'll get paid. When you start a side project, it's uncertain if you'll ever get paid. And this can make it hard to start a side project. But what if yo…

What =delete means In my C++ training classes, I often explain the meaning of =delete as The library author is saying, “I know what you’re trying to do, and what you’re trying to do is wrong.”

Eating the Cloud from Outside In ∊ AWS is playing Chess. Cloudflare is playing Go.

Fed Officials See Need for Continued Interest-Rate Increases, But Less Certainty Over Destination Central bank officials at last month’s meeting acknowledged risks from both raising rates too little and too much.

Target’s Profit Sinks as Retailer Unloads Unwanted Inventory Operating margin came in lower than expected after the company discounted items and canceled orders to clear a glut of goods.

CDC Director Outlines Restructuring Plans Rochelle Walensky says the agency’s Covid-19 response fell short of what was needed in the fight against the pandemic.

China to Join Russia Military Exercises as U.S. Rivals Deepen Ties Moscow plans to hold drills in its Far East region near the border with China and North Korea from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5.

Liz Cheney Forms New Political Group, Ponders a Presidential Bid After being roundly defeated in her Wyoming Republican primary, Ms. Cheney says she will now focus on stopping former President Donald Trump from holding a powerful government office again.

From iPhones to AirPods to MacBooks: The Apple Gadgets You Should—and Shouldn’t—Buy Right Now It’s a bad time to buy a fancy iPhone, the AirPods Pro and really any Apple Watch. But it’s a good time for a MacBook. Our columnist’s annual Do/Don’t Buy list is here.

U.S. Veterans Race to Train Ukrainians as Marines; ‘Time Is Not on Their Side’ Foreign volunteers pay their own way to help prepare civilians for next phase of battle with Russia; “many have never held a weapon.”

U.K. Inflation Tops 10%, Underlining Gloomy Outlook for Europe The rate was the highest in more than four decades in the U.K. and the fastest increase recorded in one of the Group of Seven rich countries since the current surge started in early 2021.

U.S. Retail Spending Held Steady in July U.S. retail spending was flat in July, while lower prices at the pump reduced gas sales but allowed spending elsewhere.

Cheney's defeat end of an era for GOP; Trump's party now WASHINGTON (AP) — Liz Cheney’s resounding primary defeat marks the end of an era for the Republican Party as well as her own family legacy, the most high-profile political casualty yet as the party of Lincoln transforms into the party of Trump.

Wisconsin school board votes in favor of pride flag ban WALES, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin school board voted in favor of a policy that prohibits teachers and staff from displaying gay pride flags and other items that district officials consider political in nature.

Bank of America's overdraft fees down 90% under new policy NEW YORK (AP) — Bank of America says the revenue it gets from overdrafts has dropped 90% from a year ago, after the bank reduced overdraft fees to $10 from $35 and eliminated fees for bounced checks.

WHO chief: Lack of help for Tigray crisis due to skin color NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The head of the World Health Organization described the persistent crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as “the worst disaster on Earth” and wondered aloud Wednesday if the reason global leaders have not responded was due to “the color of …

Pence tells GOP to stop lashing out at FBI over Trump search MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday implored fellow Republicans to stop lashing out at the FBI over the search of Donald Trump’s Florida home and denounced calls by some of the former president's allies to defund the FBI, say…

Kids-for-cash judges ordered to pay more than $200M Two former Pennsylvania judges who orchestrated a scheme to send children to for-profit jails in exchange for kickbacks were ordered to pay more than $200 million to hundreds of people they victimized in one of the worst judicial scandals in U.S.

Blasts in Crimea underscore Russian forces' vulnerability KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A spate of explosions and fires has turned Russian-occupied Crimea from a secure rear base into a new battleground in the war, demonstrating both the Russians' vulnerability and the Ukrainians' capacity to strike deep behind enemy lines.

Article on 'fat' Arab women sparks uproar over body-shaming DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — To Enas Taleb, the headline felt like a spiteful punch line.“Why women are fatter than men in the Arab world,” it read in bold, above a photograph of the Iraqi actress waving onstage at an arts festival.

Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in the US West CODY, Wyo. (AP) — The rush to build wind farms to combat climate change is colliding with preservation of one of the U.S. West’s most spectacular predators — the golden eagle — as the species teeters on the edge of decline.

Prosecutor: R. Kelly trial about singer's 'hidden' side CHICAGO (AP) — R. Kelly's federal trial on allegations that he rigged his 2008 state child pornography trial and enticed girls for sex is about the R&B singer's “dark” and “hidden” side, a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday, while Kelly's attorney said not …

Scathing CDC report: Agency is slow, elite, confusing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is bringing in an outside executive to radically overhaul the nation's public health agency.

Liz Cheney 'thinking about' 2024 presidential run to stop Trump In an interview with Savannah Guthrie on "TODAY," Cheney said she'll make a decision on running in 2024 "in the coming months."

Marc Andreessen's plan to solve the housing crisis won't work The legendary venture capitalist thinks giving WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann $350 million is the perfect way to tackle America's housing crisis.

Brittney Griner: Russian penal colony resembles Gulag labor camps Direct descendants of the Soviet Union's Gulag system, Russian penal colonies are prison labor camps notorious for human rights abuses and corruption.

Trump staffers focused more on securing big WH pics than docs: report Many remaining Trump staffers wanted souvenirs from the White House more than they wanted to properly sort documents, Politico reported.

Videos show flooded streets of central Paris amid heavy storms Some metro stations received nearly one month's worth of rain within one hour, reported a French weather account run by volunteers.

Linking your brain to a computer will soon be real Tech startups are racing to be the first to implant computer chips in everyone's brain — and two mind-link devices are already in human trials.

7 reasons diseases are spreading faster these days Polio, monkeypox, inexplicable liver damage in kids. "It's like all the biblical plagues are coming back, right?" one infectious disease expert said.

Attacks behind Russian lines hint at Ukrainian use of US training Recent attacks behind Russian lines in Crimea may be the work of Ukrainian troops who have trained extensively with US special operators since 2014.

Map shows US 'extreme heat belt' above 125 Fahrenheit in 2053 — report An analysis of satellite data predicts about one-third of Americans will get temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit in 2053. That's conservative.